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Buy a Pretty Exact Replica of the White House For $4M

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The road to the White House is trying and tumultuous, and it would probably be a whole lot easier if one could, say, buy their way in. Those sort of shady politics have no place in the actual Presidential election, of course, but the prospect may still excite architecture buffs: a White House replica in McLean, Va., is back on the market. The six-bedroom home, which was first listed for $4.65M in April 2011 and suffered a series of PriceChops before being temporarily taken off the market earlier this year, offers "12,000+ SF of Presidential living," boasts the brokerbabble, a "Lincoln Bedroom," a model Truman Balcony, a 100-person party room ("plenty of room for all the interns to let it all out like they did back in the nineties," says Curbed DC), and an Oval Office replica—"instead of a desk, they've got a piano" according to a piece that ran last year on WUSA9. OK, so the room wasn't as obsessively pieced together as other Oval Office replicas, but still: points for the yellow curtains.

Anyway, the place is owned by a Vietnamese immigrant who considers the house "a tribute to his adopted homeland"; it was designed using White House blueprints, 14-foot-high ceilings and crown moldings and all, and perches on 1.6 acres of tony Virginia 'burbs—not actually all that far from a similar White House replica that sold for $865K in June. It's now asking $3.9995M: pennies when compared to the hundreds of millions it takes to actually run a campaign.

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