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Giant Teddy Bear, Giant Baby Star In Strange New Ikea Ad

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Ikea's latest marketing plot brings in a handful of unlikely players: a gigantic action figure, an adult-sized teddy bear, a (frankly, quite creepy) giant baby doll, a cartwheeling monkey, a laser-eyed robot, and more. Ikea, long noted for its abnormal—and, for the most part, wildly successful—branding gimmicks, has in the past invaded train cars, opened stores on gondolas, erected rooms on the streets of Tokyo, and hosted giant, in-store sleepovers. It's even done some other tripped-out video promotions, like its newly released augmented reality mindboggler, for one. But giant toys? That's new. It's all part of a strategy to appeal to shoppers in the UK and Ireland. The music video, in which children and oversized versions of their toys set the table for dinner to the song "Playin' With My Friends," is supposed to show that the furnishings super-seller understands what people want and need out of everyday life, according to PSFK. Not really sure how all that is supposed to come across in this silly three-minute video, but maybe it's all subliminal. Ikea is very sneaky, after all.

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