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Designer Fits 25,000 Ping-Pong Balls into 90 Square Feet

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Despite the fact that his apartment is only 90 square feet and attached via ladder to the his office, it's proving pretty difficult to reason away a fervent desire to live in designer Daniel Arsham's Brooklyn digs. Arsham, a partner at bad boy design firm Snarkitecture, covered his walls with ping-pong balls. About 25,000 hand-painted ping-pong balls, to be more specific. The monochromatic space keeps the tiny apartment from feeling claustrophobic, and Arsham's "Box/Box" project uses the balls to bring texture and interest to a space that's otherwise an homage to grayscale. Arsham's crashpad was featured in New York at the beginning of last year, but new photos have surfaced since its grand reveal, not to mention new intel. For example, for all who worried that a candle would bring the entire building to a raging inferno, Arsham insists every (otherwise very flammable) ping-pong ball is coated with a fire retardant.

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