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Perfectly Sited Montecito Cottage, In Need of Interior Revamp

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Location: Montecito, Calif.
Price: $4,975,000
The Skinny: Set on nearly five acres at the pinnacle of a ridge above Montecito, Calif., this 1960s Mediterranean-style manse has some of the best views in the Santa Barbara area. On the outside anyway. The Robert Grant-designed house presents well from afar, but get inside and its a whole different story: an exercise in grandmotherly decorating that is doing this $5M listing no favors. The fact that the property has been in the same family for nearly a century—even before this house was constructed—might help to explain the lack of attention given to decor, but it's no wonder that the listing photos focus on the home's exterior attributes. Worse though, are the broker allusions to knocking the place down and starting anew, by claiming "the +/- 5 acre parcel holds many possibilities."
· 960 East Mountain Drive [Kelly Knight via Zillow]