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Meet the Crazy Home That's Dying to Be a Mini-Golf Course

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On the market for $5.2M in Sulphur, La., is a four-bedroom, seven-bathroom castle whose cheesiness puts Medieval Times to shame. The Chateau de Bon Reve—that would be, uh, "House of Good Dreams"—is no chateau in the oblique, tacky and lavish sense of the word, nor is it a palatial estate in the way old homes nestled at the foot of the French Pyrénées are; this is the kind of clichéd faux fortress that's just begging to become a mini-golf course or arcade or Renaissance Faire site. The house was the vision of Dwaine Allen Ellender, who built the place himself in a little over three years, finishing the project in 2007. Its private lake and 1990s-esque banquet hall, horseshoe staircase, and chandelier-spangled cupola are now used as backdrops for weddings and other events, though the sellers listed the 12,400-square-foot estate as a single-family home. It's unclear who will be willing to drop $5.2M for it all, but it seems the castle is mostly likely headed for a hefty remodel, unless, of course, the wealthy video game or Disney architecture enthusiasts step in.

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