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Here Now, a Look at Rhapsody, Kelly Wearstler's New Book

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© Kelly Weastler: Rhapsody, Rizzoli New York, 2012

Kelly Wearstler—the California-based interior (and fashion) designer who practically invented the term "maximalism" and has been trying to unload her own Beverly Hills estate for quite some time now—has just released her fourth book. Rhapsody compiles some of Wearstler's never-before-photographed projects and, as the press releases puts it, "offers a look into [her] glamorous world, profiling in detail her latest residential designs, including sumptuous new hotels along with her creative process."

Here, the idea of "mod baroque" might mean silver studded walls paired with a tiger-print sofa, or three square brass tables arranged like blocks into a jagged, uneven dining table, or a floor-to-ceiling ceramic fireplace that offsets '70s-style wood paneling: anything, really, that ensures your eye is "captivated by every view, whether by a dominating architectural feature or a movable tablescape," Wearstler writes in the book. Have a look above.

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