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World Music Guru Lists 'Persian King Palace' Near Las Vegas

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Location: Henderson, Nev.
Price: $11,999,000
The Skinny: Despite sprawling over 11,100 square feet on a 1.2-acre lot in the Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nev., this contemporary megamansion is minimally described in the brokerbabble, which states, simply, "Persian King Palace." Is it owned by a descendant of the Shah? Nope. The owner is actually fashion entrepreneur and middle-aged world music guru Fred Nassiri, known to his fans simply as Nassiri. According to his almost certainly self-authored—and self-aggrandizing—Wikipedia entry, Nassiri "believes that positive music heals because music is a universal language and offers each of us the opportunity to experience positive vibrations that occur when we listen to positive music?especially when it is delivered from a pure heart and state of mind." And nothing cultivates a pure heart and state of mind more than a gigantic mansion just outside Las Vegas. Apparently Nassiri's studies of "Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Sufism, Kabala, and other philosophies" did not include the subject of feng shui, because this mansion, built in 2001, is outfitted with the typical McMansion interiors. Don't cry for Nassiri, however, as a sale anywhere near the $12M list price should help to offset the cost of plenty of low-budget music videos.
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