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Behold: An Ornate Manse Captured in Achingly Bad HDR

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Nudged up against Puget Sound in Olympia, Wash., is a $6.09M mansion that's positively gleaming with fancy-pants details like twinkling chandeliers, parquet hardwood floors, and enough tapestries and cherubim to beat out San Francisco's ugliest dining room for the most intensely luxurious property on the West Coast. What really ups the listing's hideous factor, though, is that every tiny bit of the elaborate decor is showcased in eye-crossing HDR. It seems likely that the over-the-top home is meant to evoke fantasies of a Jane Austen novel or the Mediterranean chateau of the Medicis, but, really, the overcooked photos just recall the small headaches intrinsic to a new glasses prescription. It's a bad sign when, upon looking at the photo of the home gym, one notices the bad photography long before the naked-man wall mosaic. View all the horrors in the gallery above.
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