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'Fantastically Whimsical' Apartment Sports 150 Paint Colors

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Come tour Apryl Miller's kaleidoscopic NYC home, the abode with more than 150 paint colors and what looks like primary-colored pizza toppings on the kitchen cabinets. The story behind what media have dubbed her "fantastically whimsical" 4,000-square-foot apartment on the Upper East Side begins just like any other: "Once upon a time, I found myself with a very large white box, divided into many other small, white boxes," she tells Apartment Therapy. Now all the white that remains is confined to a deliberate block of it on her studio wall. Every other surface, from the swirling mosaic carpet to the bathroom cabinets to the kitchen floor, is swathed in a freeform cacophony of hues. What sets Miller's home apart from other technicolor domiciles may be that the colors and shapes are just sort of jumbled together organically, not unlike a child's finger painting. She told Hyperallergic: "It just came out like a magician with a silk scarf, and it was endless." The result is—huh—well, it's certainly fun. There are stages for her daughters, a wonderful sofa she covered in 1960s garment fabrics, "indescribable" bathroom tiles, and an installation called "The Where and The How Left you and your Silence" that dominates the dining room. Here's another plus: Miller's teenage daughter says waking up in the in the psychedelic space is "like having a second alarm clock." See it all in the gallery above.

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