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This Fairy Tale Compound is All That Remains of Grand Dream

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Location: Heron, Mont.
Price: $2,950,000
The Skinny: Known today as the Bluecreek Retreat, this remote, 160-acre ranch was once the seed from which a faux Bavarian, sustainable utopia was supposed to grow. That's right, developer Kree Kirkman envisioned a "walled European-like medieval 17th century village." Called Oberkleinberg, the village would have housed "writers, philosophers, scientists, chefs, artists and craftsmen" in a sustainable, walkable environment. With enough cash on hand to buy the land and begin construction, Kirkman went ahead and built a three-structure compound in Bavarian style, but was unable to find corporate investors to kick in the $50M to complete his outlandish vision. Located nearly two miles up a dirt path from the nearest paved public road, the Bluecreek Retreat includes 14 themed bedrooms and is currently operated as a working ranch and wedding venue. On the market since 2009, the remote compound has yet to budge on its $2.95M asking price, presumably because Kirkman is trying to recoup his initial investment.
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