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Here's a Building Masquerading as a Tentacled Sea Monster

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Architects, as one may recall, seem generally amped to dress up in ridiculous attire. And so, it would make sense that some buildings would also have an affinity for masquerading as something else. One such example, spotted by Flavorwire, is the London pub The Library, which at one point was garbed as an octopus-like sea creature for a street-art exhibit. Also in Flavorwire's roundup is an apartment building dressed as Salvador Dalí, a home dressed as Harry Potter, and, shown below, a St. Petersburg government building dressed as Peter the Great.

This otherwise kind of drab building in St. Petersburg is dressed to the nines as the city's namesake, Peter the Great, for the city's 309th anniversary. Head over for more costumed architecture.

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