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Yarmouth's Village Centers Overlay District Moving Forward

The Town of Yarmouth is moving right along with the proposed Village Centers Overlay District (VCOD) Bylaw. Located along Route 28 from Winslow Gray Road to Lyman Road, the VCOD is intended to encourage redevelopment of the area "in a manner consistent with the Town Design Standards." Just what those standards are will be explained and discussed at the next public hearing on October 12 at 5:30p.m., but here's an outline of the sort of before-and-after they'll be working toward:

The purpose of the Village Centers Overlay District (VCOD) is to establish distinctive areas primarily along Route 28 reflective of Yarmouth's community character. The goal of the VCOD is to encourage the following: · Year round Tourism & Employment
· Economic Development & Redevelopment
· Reducing the number of curb cuts
· Incorporating centralized parking facilities and allowing shared parking
· Location of buildings closer to public road
· Sidewalk pedestrian networks
· Bike Paths
· Attractive lighting and streetscape design

We can see a lot of time being spent on all of the above, but especially the subjective "attractive lighting." Perhaps the first-ever contract will go to an Etsy seller for some steampunk lighting with Edison bulbs.

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