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Cape & Islands Post-Sandy Booze News You Can Use

Perhaps the best news of the day, our neighborhood breweries, wineries and distilleries are open for business. So, if you're over 21, not a teetotaler and there's nothing (tree branch, telephone pole, the neighbors Halloween decorations) obstructing the road, head on over and grab some local libations:

Cape Cod Beer: Open regular hours (10a.m.-6p.m.) Truro Vineyards: Open regular hours (11a.m.-5p.m.)

Offshore Ale Co.: Open with a pub menu as of 2p.m., serving dinner at 5p.m. & Jazz at 6p.m.

Cisco Brewers/Triple Eight Distillery/Nantucket Winery: Open regular hours (10a.m.-7p.m.)

· Photo credit: Bring it on Sandy! via Twitter/@VBizinkauskas
· A Map of Cape and Islands Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries [Curbed Cape Cod]