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Crazy, Twisty, Perhaps Impossible Playground to Hit Miami

The "klein bottle" is a supposedly impossible three-dimensional form with just one side and no distinct interior and exterior, but now the Acconci Studio has designed a klein bottle playground for the Design District in Miami. The translucent head trip is set to be completed in 2014, but won't technically qualify as a klein bottle, because, well, it is physically possible to construct. Even in its diluted form, this crazy play place only adds to Miami's growing reputation as a center for architectural lunacy. In the past two months alone, plans have been unveiled to add some outlandish buildings to the city's skyline: (1) the indoor ski slope that is somehow aiming for LEED Platinum certification; (2) that Bjarke Ingels-designed rental tower with a giant gash in the middle; and, last but not least, (3) the "ice cream city" dreamed up by the rapper Pharrell, which is set to include a Target megastore and the country's largest skatepark. Fans of the old Miami, prepare to take cover.
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