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19 Examples of Stunning Hurricane-Resistant Architecture

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Last night Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast, leaving NYC broken—in the case of the house that got its façade ripped off or the collapsed and/or flooded streets, a lot broken. The worst is over, although it'll take the city much, much time and many, many dollars to get back on its feet.

Natural disasters of this sort have always presented a particular challenge to architects, and in recent years many have emerged with solutions that are not only strong enough to withstand mighty storms but beautiful, in their own ways, as well. Take for example, the chic rotating domes above. The spherical shape of Solaleya's high-design homes, conceived by architect Patrick Marsilli, have been proven to last through even the most extreme Category 5 hurricanes, according to Inhabitat. Flip through the gallery above for 18 other examples of architecture that's meant to stand tall in the face of Mother Nature's worst.

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