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Starchitects Given Freakish New Lives as 'Morbid Models'

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Architects have never shied away from dressing up in whimsical costumes, even amid this less-than-sunny industry clime, yet their day-to-day wardrobe, as the irreverent architecture and design blog Building Satire points out, "consists of at least five shades of black and twelve shades of gray." To commemorate Halloween this year and poke a little fun, Building Satire Photoshopped architects into "morbid models": recently showcased on Architizer, the digital trickery has transformed Zaha Hadid (she of Naomi Campbell's kooky spaceship house) into the Wicked Witch of the West and Rem Koolhaas into a sad clown. Not even Jean Nouvel was safe (although thankfully his beautiful Brooklyn carousel is just fine)—he's now Dracula—and Danish cool-kid Bjarke Ingels was outfitted as Frankenstein. Almost as creepy-looking as, say, a building that's been torn in half. Check them out below.

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