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Tour Disney's Real-Life Haunted Mansion, For Sale on eBay

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This mansion in Duluth, Ga., up for auction on eBay for $873K, looks, at first glance, just like any other lovely Southern home. But look at it long enough, and it may seem somehow familiar. That's because it's actually built to look just like the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. Disney contractor Mark Hurt built the seven-bedroom, six-bathroom manse in 1996 to replicate the one at the Happiest Place on Earth, minus, of course, the 999 "Happy Haunts" and—devastatingly—the doom buggies. It's got a lookalike welcome gate, the same old-timey plaque, and four faux smoke stacks. Hurt even went so far as to track down the foundry that forged the twisty iron details on the ride's facade. That's all hunky-dory, but here's the best part: hitchhiking ghosts lurk in one of the bathroom mirrors. So why is this Disney pro looking to unload his masterpiece? Not because of paranormal activity, unfortunately. The contractor is moving on to other projects, including a replica of Walt Disney's backyard barn and a Jungle Cruise-themed pool in Kauai. Next up: HGTV?

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