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Buy the Cheapest House in Britain For a Mere $1,200

Please say hello to the least expensive house for sale in Britain, a three-bedroom brick number asking £750 (roughly $1,200). According to the Daily Mirror, the brokers are looking for a quick sale and may even toss in another listed home, located just down the road, in a bargain-basement two-for-one, buy-one-get-one-free kind of deal. "Let's face it, you couldn't get a banger [beat-up car, in Brit-speak] for that—you're probably looking at a very posh fridge freezer," said one agent. Why so cheap, despite the fact that homes in town tend to sell for upwards of $55K? Apparently "both pads are in an area blighted by arson and anti-social behaviour, and have their windows barred against vandalism."

To put this into perspective: one can rent a condo in Detroit—yes, the very same Detroit where a decent-looking house could very well ask $900—for $1,200 a month. And it would take a whopping 403,333 houses listed for $1,200 to attain the asking price of the world's most expensive property, a $484M mansion that also happens to be located in Britain.

· Yours for just £750: Britain's cheapest house goes up for sale [Daily Mirror via The Jane Dough]