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Watch a Family Upgrade a 320-Square-Foot Home For $700

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Two years ago, an Arkansas family showed off their 320-square-foot microhome in a video featured on Fair Companies. Here the Jordans are again, now giving a tour of their—wait for it—400-square-foot home. That's a 25 percent increase in square footage, thanks to a renovation that cost less than $1K. Sure, teeny dwellings can be adorable and all, and the Jordans seem more than happy to have unloaded the mortgage that came with their four-bedroom house, but apparently sometimes itty-bitty living means teenage boys have to sleep in glorified crawl spaces. Which is, well, less than ideal. That's why, with $700 and the help of a handy family member, they literally raised the roof of 14-year-old Max's sleeping loft. Now Max, who seemed already happy as a clam with his "clubhouse," has two windows and enough headspace to stand up. His mom says: "I remember one of the comments he made after his room was finished. I had told him 'Max, you have a cool room now, don't you?' He shook his head and he said 'No, Mom, I had a cool room, I have an upgrade now.'" Yeah. Be prepared to fall in love with this entire family—the video's below.

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