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Hideous Chateau D'Or Now Listed for Bargain Price of $25M

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The Chateau d'Or, a most extravagant and grotesque example of over-the-top architecture, has had its price drastically reduced, from a high of $40M, to just $25M. The 26,000-square-foot mansion, built in a style better suited to Disneyland than Bel Air, boasts 15 bedrooms, 16.5 bathrooms, "fountains, verandas, European-style grottos, swimming pool, spa, and a cupola-covered pavilion leading to a lighted tennis court." Most of all though, it houses some of the cheapest-looking French-inspired interiors ever made, highlighted (or, rather, lowlighted) by a towering, clunky fireplace and a cartoon-worthy master suite, with gilded everything. Even San Simeon's William Randolph Hearst would object to this level of pointless expenditure, which might explain why the sellers have lost faith in their sky-high asking price and have decided to bring it ever so much closer to earth. If the price keeps plunging at this rate, the land value alone may entice someone to buy just to demolish this eyesore and start anew.
· 10425 Revuelta Way [Zillow]
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