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World's First Floating Town to Bob Up and Down in Scotland

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It's easy to take for granted the idea that cities, towns, and villages are basically assemblages of structures—building, houses, roads, bridges—whose roots are planted firmly in the earth. Even at the extreme end, say, architects would opt for building a fake island before plopping down homes in the middle of the water.

Which is why a $48M new development in Glasgow, Scotland, featured in New York magazine's Global Design issue this week, is so phenomenally interesting: the 12-acre village will include residential and commercial spaces, restaurants, and a concert hall, all suspended in the River Clyde. Designed as a joint project by Glasgow-based firm ZM Architecture and London-based Baca Architects, the "floating leisure village," as the BBC has called it, will be done by 2020. Plenty of time to stock up on Dramamine.

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