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Here Now, a Tour Through a Texan 'Dead Animal House'

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Taxidermy can be beautiful, sure, and then it can be excessive, over-the-top, and extreme. This here, a four-bedroom Houston-area Colonial asking $649,900, is going for a distinctly un-rustic, un-woodsy, un-huntsman vibe, opting instead for gilded mirrors, ornate chandeliers, antique demilune tables, complicated high-back seating, and other such tokens of bordello-glam decor. A stuffed lion greets visitors in the 1920s-esque foyer, a standing giraffe peeks out from one corner of an otherwise formal-looking sitting room, a mounted ostrich holds court over a zebra-patterned wing chair (which is, oddly enough, located in the kitchen), and a stag head hangs over a child's bed. Animal prints carry on the safari theme, from the chaise in the (utterly bonkers) master bedroom to the upholstery of various chairs. Says one commenter over on the Houston real estate blog Swamplot, "You know what's pushing me over the edge here? The zebra robe hanging in the bathroom. That's commitment."

· 6826 Cedar Lawn Circle, Pasadena, Texas [HAR via Swamplot]
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