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Order South Korea's Egg-Shaped Chapel Sunny Side Up

Popping out from the rolling landscapes of Yangpyeong County near Seoul, South Korea, is this futuristic, egg-shaped chapel designed by New York-based architect Andrew MacNair. It's hard to tell whether the "Capella Ovi" looks more like a landed extra-terrestrial aircraft or a giant version of yesterday's breakfast, but either is a little unexpected in the South Korean highlands. So, yeah, the chapel seems a bit out-of-place, but that misplaced feel is exactly what makes the rather odd building quite beautiful. The structure's smooth, wood-paneled walls were hand-constructed by U.S. boat builders, experts in paneling curvy, 3D frames. Once crafted, the whole shebang was shipped in 12 parts to South Korea, where it was put together by a local family. Standing 30 feet high and 22 feet wide at its broadest point, the nondenominational chapel is no place for a giant June wedding, but looks like a perfect spot to sit and reflect.

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