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Here Now, 30 Stunning Cases of Architecture Made For Kids

It's no secret that architects like designing structures and abodes for all types of users. Some design Le Corbusier-inspired houses for canines, others create underwater suburbs for fish, still others cater to the whims of Lego aficionados and Disney enthusiasts. Perhaps one of the most dynamic burgeoning fields in architecture lately has been sophisticated architecture for small children. Designing for young'uns requires planning for their emotional, social, developmental, and environmental needs—highbrow discourse that invariably lead to highfalutin philosophies about growing up—yet when all is said and done architecture for kids is just so fun, what with the swoopy striped ceilings, Skittle-colored windows, rubber floors, and glorious use of intensely saturated hues. Take, for example, this children's center in Alcañiz, Spain, an old marketplace (those porticos!) refurbished by Miquel Mariné Núñez and César Rueda Boné. The rather stunning, church-like structure includes classrooms, a slide, and lots of open space for playing. See many more examples in the gallery above.

· Centro Infantil del Mercado [Dezeen]