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Magnificent Paris House With a Chateau Feel Asks $92M

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Built at the turn of the 20th century, this utterly staggering house in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine hits all the high marks when it comes to being a true baller: it's owned by an unnamed Russian billionaire, according to the brokerbabble, there's a direct tie-in to the Palace of Versailles ("only the best suppliers and craftsman have been employed for the project, including the world–class artisans that are responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the world's most famous castle"), there are ambiguously defined spaces such as reception and dressing rooms, plus four staff apartments, a sweeping stone staircase, intricate woodwork throughout the 34,400-square-foot interior, a marble indoor pool to rival the world's best, a "manicured private, formal park" out back, a 4,300-square-foot rooftop terrace, and parking for 14 cars—complete with "its own petrol pump." While the listing touts this as "price upon request," 1stdibs divulges the secret, $92M, making it a stone's throw from the priciest properties in the world.

· Paris, PA, 92200 [Sotheby's International Realty via 1stdibs]