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Miami's Latest Wacky Rendering? This Swooshy Chapel

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Miami's been quite the hotspot for some wild architecture lately. First there were the geniuses who decided to build a ski resort in Southern Florida, then there were the plans for a skyscraper torn in half, then the preposterous-sounding Ice Cream City, and finally the jungle gym that seems to defy basic laws of physics. Spotlighted over at Architizer now are renderings of what will be Miami's most bizarre Catholic chapel, a swooshy structure designed by FREE. The church, which kind of looks like a ball gown skirt, is actually designed so every pleat has a purpose: from the inside, each billow creates a nook dedicated to a virgin revered in the Latin American Catholic community. Each sanctuary houses a sculpture of the virgin, and together, the 27 enclaves encircle the central congregational space. The structure, which is, admittedly, intended to look like the draping apparel of the virgins, is even more interesting from the inside; it's like a circus tent with giant suspended cross.

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