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Guy Crafts 'Lord of the Rings' Cottage From 2,600 Balloons

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Hobbit houses come in many shapes and sizes, as do inflatable homes, but these two, err, architectural subspecialties haven't truly overlapped until now. Enter Utah balloon artist Jeremy Telford, who recreated Bag End cottage from The Lord of the Rings in his living room using 2,600 balloons.

According to the Daily Mail, after brushing up on the J.R.R. Tolkien novel and 18th-century English furniture, Telford took 40 hours over three days to complete the project, pumping the balloons by hand to craft the fireplace, ceiling beams, chandelier, armchair, and fruit centerpiece—complete with balloon apples—found in Bilbo Baggins' (AKA the trilogy's titular "Hobbit") "smial," or hobbit home. After remaining untouched for three days, Telford gave his kids, ages 2, 5, and 7, the go-ahead to dismantle—pop, perhaps?—the creation. Thankfully, it lives on forever in time-lapse video form.

The Video:

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