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Here Now, the Country's Most Hideous Rental Dwellings

No matter how hideous a home listed for sale may be, someone will eventually deign to buy it: the place that looks like a minigolf fixture, Brooklyn's most neon living room, and the Texas mansion with too many dead animals to count will all change hands at some point. The new owners, in turn, can choose to totally gut the decor, leaving no trace of the decorating disasters of yore. But what about rentals? In many cases, renters can't touch a thing, and that means the creepy dungeon basement, or the "folksy airbrushed ocean view," or the overwhelming tin ceiling (and walls) stay put. Have a look at some of the nation's most hideous rentals past and present, above—and be thankful for the crop of new tenants that none of these come with a curious shirtless man.

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