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16 Fascinating Rentals Carved From Non-Residential Spaces

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With the masses still migrating toward urban epicenters, offering reasonably affordable housing in an environment of increased demand and steady supply has been something of a conundrum in some of the world's fast-growing cities. And so, in the last few decades, there's been an influx of apartment conversions; tired office buildings, abandoned warehouses, and, of course, churches are rapidly metamorphosing into chic rentals. Take, for instance, these old seed silos in Copenhagen, Denmark, which Netherlands-based architecture firm MVRDV transformed into sleek waterfront apartments. The silos, once part of a Danish soybean processing plant, were constructed in 1963 and converted in 2005. Each concrete cylinder has a hollow center used for communal infrastructure like elevators and hallways; the apartments themselves are actually "clipped" onto the outside of the silos.

Flip through the gallery above for more rental conversions, including a gas station vacation rental, a transformed water tower, and the very mayonnaise factory that must have inspired The Onion's warehouse-conversion spoof.
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