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Five of the Weirdest Rentals Currently Available on Airbnb

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Vacation rentals offer a chance to escape, not just geographically, but, in the case of these five rentals, from reality. These might not be places to spend a lifetime, but they're bizarre enough to spice up a vacation all on their own. Take the Kofftel, located between Dresden and Leipzig in southern Germany. Said to be the "world's smallest hotel," the Kofftel consists of several sleeping chambers that are modeled after luggage. The giant plywood suitcases each hold a set of bunk beds, a sink, and a curtained-off toilet. Nestled beside a river, the Kofftel costs just $29 per night.

? Plenty of people take an airplane to their chosen vacation destination, but that destination is rarely an airplane. This decommissioned military cargo plane sits on a hillside on New Zealand's North Island and houses up to four guests in two bedrooms. The cockpit remains intact—and is apparently good fun for infants—and the plane's dated electronics are visible from the bunks. The price of this stationary flight is $209 per night.

? Instead of sleeping in a plane, one could always rent what looks like the site of a particularly tidy plane crash. This otherwise-ordinary two-bedroom house in the hills of California wine country has the tail of a small aircraft jutting out of the front facade. Is the rest of the airplane's body lodged inside? Nope, just that tail section, which makes this seem like more of a ridiculous marketing ploy than an actually strange rental. The cost for the so-called airplane house, $250 per night.

? Ah, summer in Provence, the dream of many an American Francophile. That dream usually doesn't include sleeping a gypsy caravan, but this one is so well turned out that it could well figure into one. The wood-paneled walls, sizable windows, and cozy bed nook make this a mobile jewel box worthy of its $118-per-night asking price.

? Obsessed with seashells? Boy, does Mexico have the house for you. This swooping white structure takes its inspiration, inside and out, from the sea. The facade is curved in in the shape of a conch, as are the interior sitting areas. Doors and headboards are similarly swirled, bathroom mirrors ringed in seashells, and even the shower head is concealed inside a shell. Located on an island off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, The Seashell House rents for $225 per night. Surprisingly, this isn't the only shell-obsessed house in Mexico. The other is maybe even more strange, because it's located near Mexico City and hundreds of miles from the sea.

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