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These Photoshopped Girls Invite You For an Apres-Ski Dance

On the market in the French Alps is this single-family ski lodge with such typical chalet accoutrements as a (neon and babe-filled, apparently) nightclub, casino room, and swim-up bar. OK, fine. Typical? Only if you think drinking hot cocoa poolside is totally normal. The 20,451-square-foot, amenity-saturated manse with an "upon request" price tag—roughly translatable to "oil tycoons and Saudi princes only"—also includes a home cinema, wine cellar, rather grim-looking playroom, and three-car garage with a turntable. Even in the Alps, the place where people can afford to pick up three winter mansions at once, this place stands out as being chock-full of outlandish extras. It's the kind of vacation home that attempts (with mild success, presumably) to give the owners whatever holiday they please. Want a trip to Vegas? Bam. Casino room. Disco. How about some warm waters and fruity drinks? Boom. Indoor pool. Swim-up bar. See many of the ridiculous amenities in the gallery above.
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