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This Gaudy Malibu Mansion Boasts Sea Views, Acres of Tile

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Location: Malibu, Calif.
Price: $75,000 a month
The Skinny: Despite not actually occupying an oceanfront lot, this huge, less-than-tasteful Malibu mansion was named "One of the Top 25 Ocean Front Properties in the US for 2012" by Ocean Home magazine. That might be the only positive for this sprawling, 20,000-square-foot personal palace, that and the sweeping views of the water. Otherwise, the tacky '90s architecture, lackluster recent renovation, and broad expanses of featureless tile do little to justify the astronomical asking price of $75K a month—which jumps still higher for short-term, furnished rentals, to a nice round $100K. The real advantage here is space. The house holds 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, while the sizable 5.33-acre lot includes "horse stables with riding area, tennis court, a grand infinity edged pool with pool house, large fruit orchard, rose garden," and space for a vineyard, though the renter would have to wait a while (and spend a lot of cash) to see those vines produce quality grapes. Prior to being put up for rent, the gilded monstrosity was listed for sale, and saw its price plummet from a high of almost $24M to $15M. Today, the house remains for sale at an undisclosed asking price.
· 30553 Morning View Dr [Sotheby's International Realty]
· 30553 Morning View Dr [Sotheby's International Realty]
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