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Is This 20-Ton Mansion in the Woods Really a Treehouse?

Between 600-acre tree house communities, high-design arboreal homes, and hulking tree residences that transcend the realm of the common clubhouse, there is no dearth of astounding treehouses on this planet. What's more, come Christmas time there will be another incredible feat of treetop architecture: Sami Rintala of Finnish studio Rintala Eggertsson Architects designed this 20-ton treehouse to be nestled in the woods of Harads in northern Sweden. The Five Leaf Clover will be part of Sweden's aptly named Treehotel, a resort that provides luxe treehouse accomodations for folks looking to live in the wilderness in ultra high-design style. At roughly 570 square feet, the Five Leaf Clover will be the largest of Treehotel's six houses, with three bedrooms and a conference room. How will all this be suspended on the pine trees of northern Sweden's woods? Short answer: it won't. The colossus will be attached to six pines rather than depend on them; there will be extra beams to support the structure's 20 tons. Perched six meters (about 20 feet) above the ground, the structure will certainly be among the trees, but at what point does a building stop being an old-fashioned treehouse and start being just a mansion on stilts?
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