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Craigslist Rental Listings 101: 'Beware of the Scam'

A local rental agent, fed up with the far too common faux-owner-of-a-real-listing Craigslist scam, has responded with an open letter that we feel is a useful public service announcement for our Craigslist Power Hour. Of course, Craigslist has similar warnings posted, but clearly, you can't say this too often. In this case, the scammer posted the same property as the agent, pretending to be the owner. We're not sure what the particular ruse the scammer was using (away doing missionary work, feeding orphan Alpacas, or whatever), but it no doubt involved a request for money/bank account info, promises of keys to be sent and a disappointed would-be renter. So, for the trillionth time, caveat emptor!

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always request to view the property before making a decision, giving any personal information and paying any money. If they have the actual authority to rent the property, they will make it available to view. An Owner out of the country will have a neighbor, a family member, a property manager or a realtor that will show you the property. Remember that a Landlord is just as interested in finding the best qualified tenant as the tenant is in finding the best rental. Ask questions. Whether it be a Lanlord or a Realtor, we are all required to follow the same MA Tenant/Landlord Laws and Regulations, Catherine Parkes
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