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Museum-Quality Midcentury Modern Homes, Up for Lease

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Perfectly preserved midcentury modern homes wow with clean lines, retro fixtures, and a general simplicity, but keeping these finicky properties in museum-quality condition can take years of painstaking work, nevermind thousands of dollars. For fans who want to experience the high style without the high carrying costs, there are several stunning examples of midcentury design available for rent, including Richard Neutra's Barsha House of 1938. Moved to its current Pacific Palisades location to escape destruction in a freeway expansion, the Barsha House was restored in 2008 to its original glory and includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, glass walls, pristine stucco, and a swimming pool. After several attempts at a resale, the house was rented out for $6,000 a month.

? The Barsha isn't the only Neutra creation up for rent in Southern California—where the legendary architect was so prolific. This one might not have the period-perfect interiors and furnishings, but it does benefit from a waterfront location on Malibu's Escondido Beach. That location earns the two-bedroom, one-bath beach house the sky-high rent of $12,500 a month. Want to take the place fully furnished for a high-season summer month? Try $20,000 a month.

? For something more affordable, head to Palm Springs, where this white-on-white '60s retreat just leased for $1,500 per month. Designed by architects Donald A. Wexler and Ric Harrison and later updated by the late great Palm Springs designer Stephen Chase, the low slung two-bedroom spread includes a swimming pool, expansive patio, and two-car carport.

? Set at the end of a cul-de-sac, adjacent to the famous Arizona Inn, this 3,600-square-foot home was designed in 1962 by architect John Beck for his own family. The solid cast concrete exterior walls provide some respite from the unrelenting Arizona sun, while a shaded central courtyard allows for light and air. The interiors are a product of a recent renovation by Beck's son, who is now leasing the place out for $3,500 a month.

? Frank Lloyd Wright disciple Robert Green completed this riverside home in 1978. Set on 3.72 acres on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, the minimalist design combines the materials of Wright with a pared down aesthetic that is undoubtedly rare in Roswell, Ga., just north of Atlanta. Listed for $3,500 a month, the 2,950-square-foot house holds four bedrooms, three updated bathrooms, a modern kitchen, and walls of glass with woodsy views.

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