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Behold: Crappy Places Celebs Rented Before They Hit it Big

Studying the less-than-stellar abodes celebrities rented before they made their gajillions of dollars is probably the most effective way to make the idea of cramped living more bearable. The shoddy Los Angeles rental that once housed director George Lucas is a healthy reminder that one day we, too, may be able to spend upwards of $100M on giant real estate parcels like Skywalker Ranch. Yes, scrutinizing Lady Gaga's former one-bedroom provides hope that, someday, mediocre digs may be swapped out for a $25K/month mansion or any other such digs. Until millions start flooding in, regular apartment-dwellers will just have to make do in the sardine cans they can afford, but do take a look at the gallery above to see how mind-numbingly wealthy people once lived as (gasp!) plebes.

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