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Watch an Awesome Shape-Shifting Home Fold In Upon Itself

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Inspired by geometry, mathematic formulas, and more than likely a childhood adoration of tangrams, UK designers David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfsonat of the firm D*Haus have dreamed up some crazy renderings of a home that folds up, and not in the way tiny New York apartments do, either. The entire structure—walls, windows, and floors—swings and shifts across a series of circular rails, allowing the building's basic form to denature into eight different shapes. It's all part of an attempt to make homes maintaining comfortable indoor climates more energy efficient, even in, say, the northern reaches of Finland. The structure has four separate modules, allowing the building to morph into a square, equilateral triangle, or several other shapes, depending on where and how the sun shines. It sounds pretty fantastical—indeed Woolfson himself has admitted that they're "still deciding how it would work in reality"—but even if the entire project remains just a whimsical thought experiment, the architecture (and the video, below) is rather remarkable.

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