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Get Away from It All with The World's Most Remote Rentals

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Easter Island might be famous for its 887 moai—the giant stone figures that dot the landscape—but it is infamous for its inaccessibility, located some 2,180 miles off the coast of Chile. As of 2012, more than 5,000 people call the island home, and a few own and operate guest lodges to house the island's many visitors. This one, the Morerava Cabanas are the most stylish, offering minimalist accommodations for around $300 per night. Each cabana can sleep up to six guests, depending on configuration, and were designed by the Chilian architecture firm AATA Architects. Prefabricated and transported by cargo ship to the island, the cottages have solar panels on the roof that provide hot water, making this both a remote and environmentally friendly getaway.

? The wind-whipped islands of Tristan da Cunha lie some 1,750 miles from South Africa, and more than 2,000 from South America, which might explain why only 275 hardy souls call the archipelago home. Still, the government and residents maintain guest houses on the island for any visitors. Provided one manages to reach the nearly inaccessible island—which has no airport and may only be reached by ship—the going rate is rather reasonable, at just $30 per person per night.

? The world's smallest republic, the island nation of Nauru, is also the second smallest by population, with a fewer than 10,000 residents. Isolated in the South Pacific, northeast of Papua New Guinea, the island is a popular destination for sport fishermen. One of the island's fishing outfitters also rents out studio apartments to travelers. Equipped with a kitchenette and what looks like some IKEA cabinets that fell off the back of a ship, the studios rent for $125 a night.

? Located directly on the beach on Vanuatu, an island chain in the Coral Sea, this two-suite guest house provides some of the archipelago's most luxurious accommodations, with a natural rock swimming pool and a sandy helicopter landing pad for easy access. Each of the suites goes for $373 a night. Also, no children are allowed on the property, so there are no worries of whiney youths spoiling a romantic getaway at the end of the earth.

? A place need not be an island to be remote, as any visitor to Siberia is sure to discover. This small and dated flat in one of the area's few major cities, Norilsk, goes for $119 a night. Not nearly as cheap as one might expect, but price gouging isn't unheard of in a place where the average high temperature in January is -10°F. Yes, the high temperature is more than 40° below freezing.

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