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This Spaceshuttle-Style House in Kansas is Up For $499K

On the market in Kansas for $499K is this lakeside, space-age abode that is just about perfect for whiling the days arguing over who gets to be Captain Kirk. The home—which is, by the way, much less insane than the plans for the spaceshuttle mansion architect Zaha Hadid designed for supermodel Naomi Campbell—features an angular structure punctuated by large, geometric windows looking out onto Lake Quivira. What's more, the home, known as the "Four Seasons House," was apparently something of an architectural marvel at the time of its construction. Built in 1968, the owner, a lighting engineer, worked with architect Albert Yanda to create a house on an "unbuildable" bit of terrain. The plot has an extreme slope—a pretty good explanation for those unobstructed views—that make house-building more than a little precarious. This structure, however, is actually standing on three concrete pillars rather than the land itself. As for the interior, the 3,947-square-foot home boasts an open plan, hardwood floors, and four bedrooms. See it all above.
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