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Rent This Historic Newport Mansion from Builder's Family

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Location: Newport, R.I.
Price: $50,000 per month
The Skinny: In 1867, Boston-based tea and china merchant Robert M. Cushing commissioned architect John Sturgis to design this Stick-style oceanfront mansion as a summer home for his socially prominent family. Now, 145 years later, his descendants still own the estate, known as The Ledges, which sits on one of Newport's most desirable peninsulas, overlooking Bailey's Beach. Recently and gently spruced up by decorator John Peixinho, The Ledges retains its waspy feel, thanks to some original furnishings and frescos by Robert's son, Howard Cushing, a noted portrait painter. In 2007, both the interiors and exteriors were featured in The Evening, and required very few alterations. Today, the magnificent waterfront estate and its tastefully worn interiors are available for rent at $50,000 a month.

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