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Nutso Heap of a Dozen Buildings Proposed For Indonesia

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The latest in the ongoing quest to design the weirdest vertical city on the planet comes from Dutch firm MVRDV, which proposed an 88-story Indonesian tower as "a monument to the development of Jakarta as a modern icon literally raised from its own city fabric." Peruri 88 would only consist of four "staggered towers" as Dezeen puts it, all arranged around a central plaza, but this "new, denser, social, green mini-city" looks sort of like the tail end of a Jenga game, with a dozen or so structures piled perilously on top of each other. The plans call for a healthy mix of public and private spaces, including apartments, stores, restaurants, a mosque, a cinema, an amphitheater, gardens, and rooftops covered with native plantings. Find a closer look below.

· Peruri 88 by MVRDV, Jerde and Arup [Dezeen]