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Behold: Beautiful Paris Homes, Floating Like Kites in the Sky

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In exploring the fashionable Parisian hamlets of Ménilmontant and Belleville, French photographer Laurent Chéhère shot an array of visually compelling residences, took them out of their natural context—smushed between apartment buildings, obscured by traffic—and put them, well, in the sky. "I tried to get these sad houses out of the anonymity of the street, to help them to tell their story, true or fantasised," Chéhère says about the the series, which was recently spotlighted on Dezeen. His work's dream-like quality turns even the most mundane into something whimsical, with telephone wires and fire escapes slipping out of the frame in a way that makes each home look like a weightless kite. (Fun thought experiment: imagine an actual Parisian mansion, like the chateau asking $92M, suspended in the air.) Anyway, find another look at Chéhère's pieces below.

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