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Artist Crafts Fairytale Structure Entirely From Reject Weeds

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American artist Patrick Dougherty is the mastermind behind this charming pop-up chapel in Melbourne, Australia, which is composed entirely of discarded bits of weeping willow. While the world has seen plenty of structures made of strange materials—a cathedral made of junk, anyone?—Dougherty's work is unique in that it incorporates plant pests and creates something that looks like it was plucked out of a fairytale. The braided pieces of willow, whose strong-willed roots are seen as a nuisance to Australian residents, stand out among the steel-plated high-rises of Melbourne's Federation Square, highlighting a sort of industry-versus-nature dichotomy. Dougherty, who appears to be something of a sapling savant, spent three weeks twisting and sculpting the densely matted walls of the chapel, which is available for viewing until early 2013. Check out the inside, below.

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