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The Mansion that RVs Built and Philanthropy Justified

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Location: Newport Beach, Calif.
Price: $19,800,000
The Skinny: This massive estate—modeled after 'Tara', the plantation home from Gone with the Wind—holds an astonishing 18 bedrooms, 26 bathrooms, a formal dining room that seats 32, 16 garage bays, and a 7,600-square-foot workshop on 3.6 acres in Newport Beach. The palatial mansion, known as Village Crean, was the brainchild of John and Donna Crean. John had practically invented the R.V. and his company, Fleetwood Enterprises, was once the largest manufacturer of the mobile vacation homes. Newport Beach, however, will remember John Crean as a philanthropist, thanks to the millions he donated to local charities and the fact that he and his wife inhabited a modest 2,500-square-foot apartment on this megaestate, while renting out the rest for fundraisers and events, at highly favorable rates. The venue/home is now listed for a very profit-minded $19.8M.
· 2300 Mesa Dr [Zillow]