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See the Plans for the World's Largest Man-Made Ski Dome

Danish architecture firm CEBRA has recently put forth a six-armed ski dome to take over the city of Randers, Denmark. The plans for what would be the world's largest ski dome are perhaps colossal enough to give Pelion Sunrise, the ski resort proposed for Miami, a bit of competition for the title "Most Ridiculous Renderings: Snow Sport Division." The six indoor and two outdoor slopes in CEBRA's Skidome Denmark will comprise a supposed snowflake-shaped—poetic, but kind of a stretch—structure that also serves as a bridge connecting two parts of the city. The indoor slopes (seen below) will have perforated sides to allow for air flow, one of the benefits of building ski resorts in a places where it, you know, gets cold. The 1.9 miles of manmade slope is undeniably extravagant—particularly when one considers the hotel, restaurant, rooftop park, and skateboarding/BMX facility also in the plans—but, to be perfectly honest, if there actually were a competition for most unnecessary bit of ski architecture, Miami's "giant freezer" would smoke Skidome Denmark, no question.

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