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Sleep With the Fishes in a Subsea Hotel, Coming Soon to Fiji

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Apparently not content to let Dubai monopolize the underwater resort market, an American submarine executive is developing a similar (and only slightly less grandiose) undersea tourist village off the coast of a private island in Fiji. The submerged part of the hotel will have 25 suites, a spa, a restaurant, a wedding chapel/theater, and a bar. Take the trip to shore to find 50 above-sea bungalows, two swimming pools, a golf course, and five restaurants. But, whatever, nobody really cares about a resort with a golf course, so let's get back to cool the undersea bits, like personal submarines available for guests to rent. All this will be available for a mind-numbing $30K a week per couple. Of course, none of bungalows or restaurants are actually built yet; supposedly the designs and engineering are all complete, and it's just a matter of "securing capital" before construction can start. Only time will tell if these renderings will actually come to fruition—it wouldn't be the first time plans for outrageous underwater architecture fizzled, after all—but, who's to kid, even if the hotel actually gets built, these images (more below) are about as close to Fiji as most are going to get, anyway.

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