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One of the World's Only Rotating Houses Hits the Market

Because houses that stay still are just so boring, here's the D'Angelo House, which is "one of only a handful of homes in the world that rotate electrically," according to the listing. That's right: homes that move may be a dime a dozen, but homes that rotate are another creature entirely. Anyway, the 857-square-foot home outside Palm Springs, now asking $279K, was built in 1963 by businessman Floyd D'Angelo, who enlisted an engineer pal to, you know, make sure the structure did the Hokey Pokey. Even The Beatles were enchanted—they partied here in 1965. The current owner switched a solar-powered motor for a new one, and now it takes a painfully slow 15 seconds for the place to rotate 130 degrees—perhaps someone will juice it up further so it's a little more, say, fun? Curbed LA has a closer look.

· Desert's Rotating D'Angelo House Hits the Market For $279K [Curbed LA]