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Inside Martyn Lawrence Bullard's 'Delicious' L.A. Home

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Photos by William Waldron/Elle Decor

The latest issue of Elle Decor features the decadent pad owned by celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the saucy Brit who was caught red-handed hoisting a 3,000-pound marble dining table by crane on the season premiere of Million Dollar Decorators a few weeks ago. Bullard, a noted fan of the extreme—red lacquer walls, full-room squiggles, for example—has transformed the dwellings of Elton John, Ellen Pompeo, and the Osbournes, to name a few. A peek inside his Los Angeles home reveals the trademark fare of the guy "known for mad colors," as he says, yet with a layered, well-traveled vibe: Indian lanterns, 19th-century Turkish tables, Peruvian mirrors, and vintage Indian textiles, all spun with a 1920s-style glamour. The old-Hollywood feel, emphasized by portraits of acting legends and—but of course!—Bullard's 300-square-foot "gentleman's wardrobe" he would surely describe as "delicious" (as he is wont to do with cool stuff), extends into the walls: silent-film actors Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson both called this place home. Now the house, nestled in the chichi L.A. enclave of Whitley Heights, is where Bullard can relax in a cocoon of patterns and global influences. So how does a design darling decompress? "Sunday is pizza night or salad, depending on what my diet is that week," Bullard says, adding that he's a fan of movies "although there's nothing wrong with a repeat of Downton Abbey." Have a look above.

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