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Watch a Crazy Holiday House Light Up to 'Gangnam Style'

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Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday's a memory, and now it's officially the season of utterly insane holiday decor. First up: a cinematic display of holiday magic in Cedar Park, Texas. At first glance, the decked exterior of this home is rather unremarkable. Sure, there's a lot of bling, but it's not nearly as over-the-top or creeptastic as other lights displays. What sets this place apart is that the creation is, well, choreographed to the seminal holiday classic (and Heidi Klum favorite) "Gangnam Style." (What were you expecting? "White Christmas"? Yawn.)

Shortly after moving into the new neighborhood, the homeowner, a lights enthusiast, began unpacking his some 25,000 bulbs. "He barely unpacked and first thing he started with was the lights," said a neighbor in an interview by local news channel KXAN. "How do you compete with that?" This year, the Storms family galvanized their display with a little help from Korean pop sensation PSY. View the whole Vegas-style show, produced with some techno-magic and thousands of LEDs, below.

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