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Pharrell Williams Asks a Hulking $16.8M for Miami Penthouse

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Pharrell Williams, rap extraordinaire and designer of odd, leggy furniture, is reportedly looking to unload his three-story Miami penthouse for a hefty $16.8M. Pharrell bought the 40th-floor, 9,080-square-foot condo for $12.525M at the pinnacle of the housing bubble in 2007, which makes his $4M price boost seem a little wide-eyed, or, as one Real Estalker commenter puts it: "he picked it up at the height of the real estate boom for $12 million and is trying to get almost $17 million for it Florida. GTFO." No word yet as to where Pharrell is likely to head next, though it wouldn't be entirely surprising if the architecture aficionado—the rapper has contributed to plans for Miami's crazy-looking Ice Cream City and a youth center in Virginia Beach—is on the lookout for something with a little more oomf, perhaps along the lines of Karim Rashid's stark-white loft in Manhattan? After all, these photos don't display half the exuberance as the homes of other hip-hop powerhouses. Anyway, the condo, listed by the ubiquitous Miami real estate duo "The Jills," packs in five bedrooms, a home theater, a living space with 360-degree views, a penthouse pool, and a billiards room. See it all above.
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